The Gocam ™ Base Unit range is 0 to ±300 meters

The Gocam ™ Base Unit is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Place your Gocam ™ target downrange, download our free app and see your shot on your Apple or Android Device. Gocam ™ is ideal for shooting enthusiasts sighting in their firearm, target practice, developing loads or competition shooting.

See each shot, or group of shots blink every time you shoot, to easily identify the shot! Time saving and convenient! You can save and review each shot sequence to analyse your shooting sessions. Then share your shots and session stats with others through social media or chat apps.

The Gocam ™ Base Unit and Booster Unit generates its own WI-FI Hotspot so does not require Internet access or cellular service! It works anywhere and anytime – all you need is an Apple or Android Device. Completely self-contained, the Gocam ™ can be set up and ready to use in under a minute.

We encourage users to attached or mount the Gocam ™ to a tripod to ensure signal strength. Usig a tripod will lift the Gocam ™ at least 1 meter from the ground which would increase visibility and line off sight.


The Gocam ™ Base Unit consist of the following:

  • NEW* HD Camera Zoom and Focussed on 3 meters
  • NEW* Rechargeable Battery Lithium-ion 12V Powerbank (Removable)
  • NEW* WiFi radio
  • A small compact solid and rugged container
  • AC adapter for recharging your Gocam ™ from an 220VAC outlet – Removable powerbank
  • iOS and Android app
  • Small mobile tripod
  • Big Gocam tripod not included

If you are shooting further than 300 meters then you would have to use the Booster to extend your range up to 1.6km.

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